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English | Writing for kids 8y-12y

‘Story Club’
A Creative Writing Group for Children aged 8-12

8+ / 10+ / 12+

Does your son or daughter spend hours writing stories? Are they miles away in imaginary worlds, filling them with characters and things that happen to them? ‘Story Club’ is a place where aspiring young authors can meet and make friends with other children who love to write fiction. They will develop their creative writing skills by exploring stories in a fun way. They will learn to share their work-in-progress and finished stories with each other, to give/receive feedback and use it to improve their work, but most of all, they will have lots of fun exploring the world of words and what they can do with them!

‘Story Club’ is a place where children can be their writing selves. It’s a place where they can explore and share their ideas in a way which makes them feel comfortable.

Purpose: to develop interest in creative writing/writing fiction, to develop writing skills of grammar and structure through creative writing, to meet/make friends with other children who love to write stories and to have fun with words. Children will spend time exploring the essential elements of creative writing: character, plot, setting, genre. Each weekly session will then follow a regular routine and it will also include games and challenges.

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